Recent Transactions

By Investors in Red Oak

As a fund set up to acquire a single business, Red Oak as an entity has not yet completed any transactions. However, many of the investors in Red Oak have backed other funds set up by young entrepreneurs with the same structure (other "search funds") and recently completed acquisitions of businesses through those funds. The following is a subset of transactions that Red Oak's investors had made through such funds over the last two years.


Behavioural health services and software

Canada Cordage

Rope manufacturer

CarPro Systems

Rental car agency software

Dr. Snip

Vasectomy clinics


Residential maintenance and landscaping services

Paragon Legal

Innovative legal services


Remote nurse-based triage


Survey software

By Kuba (Outside of Red Oak)

Prior to launching Red Oak, Kuba has completed several M&A transactions through the private equity firm he was formerly with, Imperial Capital. The following are transactions that he worked on directly.

Ackerman Security

One of the 15 largest security alarm providers in the US

Matrix Sciences

Network of food testing labs serving food manufacturers across the US

Oncidium Health Group

Occupational health, absence management, and WSIB services

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