Our Process

  1. Introductory Call: Introduce ourselves, understand your goals, and see if there is a fit (schedule a call or meeting)

  2. NDA: Sign a non-disclosure agreement (download our standard mutual NDA)

  3. Pre-LOI Review: Exchange financials and key metrics, and visit the operation

  4. LOI: Prepare a detailed offer (or "Letter of Intent") in which we can both sign off on key terms

  5. Due Diligence: Confirmatory review of accounting, operations, and legal matters

  6. Closing: Transfer funds and exchange shares

  7. Transition: I join the business, and learn it from you over a pre-agreed transition period

  8. Growth: We invest in continuing to grow the business for the long term

Approximate timing:

Introductory call to LOI: ~14 days

LOI to Closing: ~60 days

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